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Psychological care

In all of us, there are difficult times in which we are physically and mentally lazy. These difficulties can be foreseeable for emergencies: childbirth, adolescence, childbirth in the nest, workplace changes or unexpected events eg. Sickness, divorce.
Psychological counseling supports active coping, self-knowledge, self-improvement process helps resolve untreated injuries, discovering strengths, opportunities, and finding a way forward.

In what cases is counseling advisable?

  • Life-management problems, dissolving anxieties, developing stress management,
  • Relationship Problems: Engagement Difficulty, Divorce
  • Processing of losses
  • Exploring the spiritual causes of functional infertility,
  • maternity relaxation, preparation for birth.

Applied Methods:
Psychological counseling,
Relaxation: progressive relaxation and autogenous training,
Symbol Therapy: imagination, meditation.

Doctor: Gubucz Ágnes Consultant Specialist Psychologist